W’happening Weekend

So other than what I hope will be weekly posts on things in general (updated every Wednesday), I’ve decided to do a weekly round-up of what I’m readng, watching, listening to and attempting for the first (or second… or third) time.

Reading : Robin Hobb Fool’s Quest (second book of  Fitz & The Fool trilogy)

Source: Harper Collins (UK Publisher) website

Not even going to lie. I was introduced to Robin Hobb in sixth form, by then most of her books had been out for years. I was lucky enough to be gifted the first of The Rainwilds Chronicles and have collected them since. The thing I love most about Hobb’s writing is the world building (and the dragons). Hanging out in the Six Duchies; we’re picking up right where we left off spoilers: Bee’s been kidnapped and her home ransacked; Fitz and the Fool are reunited in the most chaotic manner, and with his companion so close to death’s door Fitz pushes aside his fatherly responsibilities in order to bring the Fool to Buckkeep to try and save him.

Oh my god y’all. It’s getting real. I cried reading Nighteyes’ origin passage (I didn’t realise how fresh his death was in my mind), I cried in chapter 8, because I thought this would be one of those Hero-NEVER-gets-recognition-for-his-services-and-dies-alone stories but it’s not and I’m so glad, Oh Robin I have so many feelings about Fitz you can’t simply understand.

I was sucked in so fast. I kinda devoured it, second time around I’m taking a more leisurely pace…

Watching: Chewing Gum

Source: E4 Website, promotional image for Episode 1

I was introduced to E4s new comedy series through a tumblr gifset. I knew at once that I had to watch it. It’s a follow up to writer/actress/singer-songwriter/playwright (is there anything she can’t do?) Michaela Coel’s play Chewing Gum Dreams, set ten years on from the innocence of childhood dreams of adolescence and idealised adulthood crashing and revealing the real awkwardness of being a 20-something year old in London.

It opens with the main character Tracey having a little monologue on the origin of her name, while we follow her navigating home after a prayer session with her Christian boyfriend who refuses all forms of intimacy, even holding hands! (while Tracey is gagging for some canoodling). Her best friend, super-buff Candice who is adamant that Tracey should skip the party being held that night to turn in her V-card at the age of 24, while Tracey’s  Devil-fearing sister Cynthia wants the two of them to stay in all night avoiding temptation and playing Ludo while their mum is out “evangelising”.

I find the character ridiculously relatable and the humour reminds me of days spent reading the Confessions of Georgia Nicolson series, but more grown up. And I’m always down for a dark-skinned Black British female lead… who also happens to be in love with Beyoncé.

Listening: Undisclosed: The State vs. Adnan Syed

Source: Undisclosed Official Twitter

Last year I was addicted to the podcast Serial, hosted by Sara Koenig. She produced a narrative podcast focusing on the 1999 murder of Hae Min Lee and the prosecution of Hae’s ex-boyfriend, Adnan Syed who has spent his entire adult life incarcerated as a result of being found guilty of a crime while he professes his innocence.

The woman who brought the story to Koenig, Rabia Chaudry- the older sister of Adnan’s best friend, hosts the story with two other lawyers: Susan Simpson and Colin Miller who were active in the Serial online community. Unlike Serial which focused on the narrative of the investigation and court-case, Undisclosed focuses on the technical analysis of the investigation and the case with intent to prove Adnan’s innocence (and updating his appeals progress).

The podcast started this April, unfortunately, real life distracted me and now I’m catching up. The case is even more interesting than I thought, there is a real sense of educating listeners on the law and how the State or Adnan’s defense lawyer’s actions led to him being found guilty of Hae’s murder.

I like to think I enjoy police procedurals because I like the idea of Justice. True justice, like the guilty get punished and the victims get support and closure kind of justice I watch in my Law & Order SVU marathons. With Serial there was a sense of confusion, as Koenig’s journalistic investigation continued the more ambiguous her thoughts on Adnan’s guilt became. There is none of that is Undisclosed, Chaudry and her co-hosts dissection of the evidence collection, Adnan’s defense attorney’s and the prosecution’s performance all relate back to their belief that Adnan was not given a fair trial… To be honest, after every bombshell that’s been dropped about the case, it’s no surprise that the thousands of people who tune in for the bi-weekly episodes and addendum believe in his innocence.

Misc: I tried to cook home food…

The inspiration… 

This is a more random category. Today I’m trying to make fried bake… again. Some background? My parents are from Trinidad and I love Fried bake, even more than I love saltfish, even more than I love curried goat, probably tied with my love of hard dough bread…

Last Sunday I was home alone and I was hit with a craving. I had all the ingredients, and so I thought,, “Hey self, you’ve only ever watched mummy make the dough once before. You can totally make it with guesstimating measurements.” I was clearly lying to myself. Took me two attempts but at least the second batch puffed up!

I’m 22 now, I should know by now how to cook my favourite recipes. Apparently my mum was cooking Sunday Lunch for a large household at the young age of 12. While I’m not so sheltered enough to not know how to cook basics like pasta like some people my age, I’m not quite there with my comfort food.

Perhaps I need my own Naparima Girl’s cookbook.