What do you need to know? I’ll condense everything important to me. My identity and goals.

My name is Fayola. I was born in the UK to two Trinidadian parents, and this year I gained dual citizenship and now have two passports. Somehow I managed to escape to “The North” to study BA English and Philosophy at Manchester Metropolitan University Cheshire, but made my glorious return back to my old stomping ground: London, for a MA in Publishing at Kingston University which I graduated from in January 2017.

My goals in life? Well I’d like to launch my own publishing house focusing on BAME Authors writing Children’s, Teen and YA Lit, a cat (or three) and of course having a room in a house dedicated solely for reading, eating sweetbread and drinking tea.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. I’ve been reading your brilliant posts based on my writing prompts. It is with great enthusiasm that I am rewarded with the gift of responses and a nod for my hours of hard work in writing them. It is written answers to my journaling prompts for which I I am eternally humbled and grateful.

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