What’s your favourite?

Hi Lads,

Quick question, one I’d like to pose to you all. Just out of curiosity.

As I said before… I usually devour books. That is the only way to describe how I breeze through them with a quickness that sometimes has me forgetting I’ve read the book and taking it out again at the library (this has happened to me multiple times and I’ve only realised like a third into the story….)

I usually don’t want to put the book down, I gotta get through it as soon as possible and then marinate in my thoughts.

Recently though… as I’ve been reading books on short intervals via my stop-over commute to and from work/ during my lunch hour… I’m starting to enjoy taking my time with stories. Actually savouring the words instead of acting like I’m Naruto Uzumaki at Ichiraku’s you know?

Both ways are fun methods of reading… but back to my question.

What’s your favourite kind of read?

  1. That un-put-downable, I don’t want this to end, counting how many pages til I reach the end book. aka. The book you can’t wait to finish
  2. That slow-burn, I need to ruminate over the sentence structure and cyclical themes to collect every single detail book in bits and pieces book. aka. The Book You Don’t Want to End.

There’s no wrong answer.

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