W’happening Weekend 2016

The first instalment.

I was distracted my Nanowrimo, then Christmas, then my coursework got the better of me. But now I’m back and now ready to share with y’all what has taken my fancy mediawise and whatnot.

So outside of class…. what am I reading?

Welcome to Night Vale (a novel)


I started listening to WTNV the podcast back in my third year of uni. It helped me through a very solitary summer of manual labour, and I really love The Story of You (its a fan favourite. if you know, you know). So when I heard about the novel being written and that it was to focus on the mystery of the Man in the Tan Jacket (the door to door salesman) I was intrigued… because of all of the characters I want to know about, I want to know about Emmett… I mean, Everett… I mean (other name) some more.

There was also a moment while working as a magazine distributer during last year’s London Book Fair where I saw someone walking out of the venue with their nose buried in what was CLEARLY an advanced copy, or maybe a proof? I just know I really wanted to leave my position and chase after them demanding they hand it over. But I didn’t. So I gifted it to myself for christmas.


The novel has all the trappings of the biweekly podcast episodes with cameos/references to my fave WTNV characters… but damn, its nice to focus on one (or rather two) stories for an extended period of time. To quote the WTNV host Cecil, in all it is “Weird at last. Weird at last, God Almighty Weird at last.”


Love and Hip Hop

I’m gonna be super real right now. I never have watched Love and Hip Hip before in my life. My dad never let me watch reality TV growing up and it wasn’t till Jersey Shore that I started to watch my guilty pleasures (mostly on MTV or VHS1)… which then lead me to 16 and Pregnant, and the Teen Moms and Geordie Shore (but that’s where my Reality TV experience ended… until now)

According to the first episode, there have been new additions to this season. Lil B (You know, from Chicken Noodle soup with a soda on the side… I let it rain, I clear it out) who is now rapping under her given name- Bianca. Rap duo Bad Bitches On Deck… though in the three episodes I’ve watched it looks like they might not be a duo for much longer. A girl so small that she reminds me of Lady Gaga in waifish-ness… and the main reason I started to watch the show.

My girl Cardi B.

Cardi is the first instagram I followed for jokes and selfies. She’s so personable and real about her life and situations its hard not to love her, crooked teeth and all. Cardi’s going through, what I guess you would call a professional glow-up? She used to be a stripper, and now she’s a rapper, events host, she’s walking on the catwalk at NYFW- now my baby is on TV. Like, I’m literally here for her antics. And, as usual her catchphrases and reactions are perfectly gif-able.

Listening To

Charly Black – Party Animal DJ BrainDeaD remix

I am preparing man. Carnival is coming soon, my mum’s back in Trinidad absorbing all that sun and enjoying family recipes and I’m slyly jealous, but trying to create my own vacation between studies, chores and sleeping by listening to this song.

It’s a good combo of dancehall and twerk tunes (its tagged as #twerkhall on soundcloud where it is in the top streamed dancehall songs at the moment). Breh. I’ve never been so distracted while brushing my teeth before. Legitimately, dancing to this song might help me lose weight or something… I’ll get back to you on that.

Things getting left behind in 2015

  1. Not drinking all the water I should be, replacing it with soft drinks, booze or orange juice is no longer an option.
  2. Spending my days off dozing in bed instead of exploring my city and my interests.
  3. Putting off these driving lessons because I know that one day I will not be relying on my parents to do all the “big shops” when I want specific things.
  4. Not putting myself out there socially- small social circles are cool, but it’d be nice to spice it up every now and then init.
  5. Procrastination- My biggest weakness to date…
  6. Saying I love books but not reading anything new – I want to read at least 2 books a month (I mean, I’m aiming for a book a week but still)
  7. Buying things I want, but don’t need and can’t really afford.


Wish me luck fam…