This is the first post in the +XP tag. As with many a video game, this tag is for my writing about things I’m learning or experiencing.  Like a treasured starter Pokémon, when I gather enough XP I can evolve.

So it’s happened. Ya girl’s working on ways to make herself indispensable. My generation “the millennials” and the babies who come after us are children of the digital age… and people expect us to know everything about everything (after all, we’re always on our phones and laptops).  And so, after years on numerous blogging platforms with customization-enabled layouts… I’m formally learning how to code HTML and CSS.


I mean, I’m  pretty prepared. I’ve had an account for for a while now, and not to brag, I’ve been personalising my tumblr CSS for years now. I figured that since I mostly stay home on my days off, school work at some level of completion, with “nothing to do” I should finally acknowledge the codeacademy logo winking at me from my bookmarks bar.

“No!” I said, “I will not waste this Wednesday sleeping and catching up on my shows! I will be productive.”

And so there I was. About three hours (and a 45 minute curry break) later. Multiple badges on my coding profile and with enough basic skill to create my own basic web layout as well as a social media account reminiscent of my days on piczo and bebo.

What I didn’t expect was for it to be so much fun writing the code. I felt like I was in a potions class in Hogwarts, following a specific formula to get an outcome. I can see now why there are so many stories of children and young adults creating apps and selling them for millions.

Yes, the pages looked basic and no, no one else can see them, and no I’m not getting a certificate at the end.


I do have a profile I can link as proof of my blood, sweat and raspberry Kool-aid flavoured tears.

And I can now say “I can code” and not be exaggerating, because technically I can.

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