Let’s get down to business, to defeat the cold

This week has been different than what I’ve gotten used to over the past two months. It’s broken my schedule, and for a while my motivation. The thing that’s messed me up? The common cold… To everyone else it’s a nuisance for me it’s one of those medicine chugging, tissue paper piling up in rubbish bags, late night wheezing and sleep depriving illness. I am a wimp who can’t function well when ill.

It hit right smack in the middle of my first reading week, which was also my first week away from my job in about six months. I’d expected to spend the week catching up on my reading, socializing and sleeping, but no… that was not on the cards for me. Other than one outing to the cinema and a ridiculously quiet night at a ‘spoons, I couldn’t muster up the will to leave my warm home.

All the cold and flu remedies became redundant Monday evening. No combination of rum, honey, ginger and lemon, no Antihistamine, no Olbas oil in my pillow, no Vicks rubdown could prevent me from e-mailing in to my lecturers with a very sorry, much more formal “I’m ill, I can’t come in.” in the morning. So my Tuesday, which I usually spend on campus from twelve to eight, was instead spent in bed with fluids and a bin by my side as I drifted in and out to sleep with a old podcasts playing in the background. It’s been only one day since, and I already feel better. My head is clearer, as are my sinuses, and not spending two hours a day on public transport, packed like sardines with other equally sick people has really helped.

In my slight increase of health, I’ve found that I’m a bit of the domestic goddess now (I can fold fitted sheets correctly apparently). All the chores that I left abandoned for the past week, and the schoolwork I had put aside in order to focus on healing have been initiated. I’ve submitted one of my assessments and am working on the second all the while looking for a placement. It’s taken a while but I think I’m finally in tune with this MA student thing. I’m feeling accomplished like.

And I know I love my course. I was so devastated that I had to taken even one day off, it was definitely academic FOMO. Though I’m not sure how much I would have learned with my head aching to high heaven and trying not to disturb my classmates with my constant sneezing, sniffling and wheezing. I just know I’m excited to head back next week.

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