Halloween Special: Closet Costumes

October is the month of costumes and masks. Why?
Well, there’s the ever growing popularity of the super-Americanized Trick or Treat Halloween… and on top of that, October is the month of the autumn MCM expo in London.

In fact, these two events literally occur a week apart this year- last weekend was the final of the 3 days of the MCM Expo and Halloween is just around the corner.

I didn’t get to go to the expo this year, but I’ve seen a lot of friends uploading their pictures of the intricate cosplays and perfect character make up that took over the ExCel centre for three days.

I’m a poor student so money and time limit any chance I have of creating such a high quality costume in time for Halloween… But that’s not going to stop me.

With items only from the house wardrobes, I’ve put together a few costumes with minimal effort and time to share.

Please note that I have literally no fashion photography skills and do not hold it against me.

The Velma / Penny Proud


The Velma is relatively simple and very recognizable. All you need is a red skirt, red shoes and an orange jumper. I already have glasses so I didn’t have to purchase any costume frames. Jinkies indeed.

Alternatively, with this same red skirt and shoes, you can pair a pink cardigan and a white blouse to emulate The Proud Family’s protagonist Penny Proud. You’ll be cute and loud and have it going on!!!

BBQ Uncle (tongs optional)


No BBQ is complete without an Uncle at the grill who brings the best marinade to the table. You’ll need are a pair of light brown cargo shorts, some funky looking slippers or sandals (mine are my house Birkenstocks), a flatcap and a casual shirt.

If you raid your utensil drawer for some BBQ tools they will complete the look and your BBQ skills will increase by 2300 XP.

Mickey Mouse


To create your own Disney Spokes-animal costume you need all black almost everything! You have to, of course, incorporate Mickey’s bright red shorts. White gloves and yellow shoes optional. I’m sure the second you have your ears on (hair in double buns work just as well) people will know exactly who you’re supposed to be ha-ha.

Princess Serenity aka Serena/Usagi aka Sailor Moon


“Moon Crystal Transformation!”

Flashback to the nineties when a nine-year old child decided she was going to be a magical girl, defender of love and justice with the powers of the moon princess! Instead of the sailor senshi get-up, I’ve gone for classic Princess Serenity (pre-reincarnation Serena/Usagi). I just pulled out my most flowing white summer dress and you can mimic the character’s signature meatball head hairstyle very easily. You can age it up replacing white sandals for sparkly heels to upgrade to Neo Queen Serenity.

Uptown Funk Bruno Mars


Too hot. Hot damn. You’ll make dragons all around the world retire in this super easy outfit. What do you need? White T shirt. Pink Pastel blazer. Black jeans (or leggings) and some chucks (or knock off converses). Pull the whole thing together with some sunglasses and pink hair rollers (or a fedora).

Persephone (pre and post-pomegranate)


Pre-pomegranate Persephone, the goddess of springtime and maidenhood, Demeter’s beloved daughter. Get decked out in an all floral print ensemble and a goddess braid. Let’s encapsulate the image of a girl standing in the meadow that caused the God of the Underworld’s heart to race so quickly he spirited her away for a marriage that caused the first autumn/winter because Zeus forgot to tell Demeter he OK’d the wedding between her child and his brother.


Post-Pomegranate Persephone will built up from the previous costume. I’ve got a dark navy cloak that is semi-opaque, you can still see the flowers of the dress peeking through the dark filter. More intense make up particularly around the eyes, contoured cheeks and a dark lip to give a show of the power of the woman who rules the underworld side by side with her adorable husband. Carry a pomegranate (or other fruit if you can) to symbolise the choice she made when she willingly entered the one of the most equal marriages in Greek Mythology.

Suggestion: Start off as pre-pom Persephone then change halfway through the night!

Wednesday Addams


They say Wednesday’s child is full of woe. The Wednesday Addams outfit is literally so easy to put together and a real Halloween classic. If you have black tights and shoes, a black dress or shirt with white detail combo, all you need are the braids… and maybe a decapitated doll from your childhood.

Lara Croft  


The first video game babe. While her original proportions are nigh impossible to achieve- her costume is not! You need a pair of khaki shorts, a grey vest and some hiking boots. To add to the costume you can get some really cheap toy guns and holsters from your local 99p shop or Poundland.

Netflix and Chill


The ultimate in lazy costumes. I stole my brother’s house clothes, white vest shirt and tracksuit bottoms. Combine with a console controller or a Netflix title screen print.I’m keeping it rated U for universal, so there’s not a “five minutes into Netflix and chill he gives you this look” vibe.

Hopefully I’ve planted some creative costume seeds in the minds of my fellow skint students.

Comment below and share your own closet costumes!

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